Wedding Planning Tips

Style tips for the Groom to be!!

Grooms hands showing off custom cufflinks on his wedding day Detail photo of grooms watch, tie, and shoes on his wedding day

The bride’s attire is usually the most talked about, but what about the Groom? Your wedding day is a special day for him too so it is important that he looks just as good standing next to you!

  1. Style / Personality

    1. The groom’s attire should definitely fit the personality of the wedding! If you’re thinking classic black-tie, make sure a tux is the chosen option. If you’re thinking rustic and laid back, go for a vest option with suspenders perhaps! Let the personality of your groom shine, you want to BOTH be comfortable with what you’re wearing!
  2. The Tux

    1. I know the go-to is renting but I have to say, it may be best to BUY instead! This ensures a proper fit and you won’t ever be without nice formal wear for the next event you go to! If you do decide to rent, make sure it is FITTED! An oversized or undersized tux will not look great in pictures and will likely make your Groom feel uncomfortable throughout the day.  
    2. Make sure it’s comfortable! Your groom has to be in it for a long time, so make sure it’s not itchy or anything like that!
    3. Talk about your accessories together! Will you do custom cufflinks? A belt? Suspenders? A vest? Agree to a style and have a little fun with this!
  3. The Details

    1. Get personal! Let them have fun with it!
    2. Custom cufflinks are always an awesome way to personalize the look. If your guy is a sports fanatic, maybe cufflinks of his favorite sports team would be a sweet gift!
    3. Let them have fun socks (NOT WHITE!)
    4. Get your pops of color or pattern in his tie/bow tie or pocket square and keep suit colors generally neutral (blue, blacks, grays)  (The colors don’t need to be too crazy and should coordinate with the wedding party but let him have some say and fun!)
  4. The Shoes

    1. Match the style of the tux. If it’s a black tux and bow tie, black shoes make sense, otherwise, leather brown shoes are awesome! I always dislike black shiny shoes in photos because you can see the reflection of the room in them so look at all the black options they have!
  5. Color

    1. While I think it’s timeless to keep the main suit ensemble pieces (pants, jacket, shirt) neutral, have at it by adding pops of color with your accessories! I’d stay away from going TOO crazy bright so it doesn’t take away from the photos, but a little color adds a lot of interest!
  6. The Groomsmen

    1. If you don’t want everyone to match the groom, you can have your groom stand out with a different suit, or have the groom in a jacket and the groomsmen with no jackets.  You can also do simple differences like different color ties or pocket squares, but I think it’s fun to let the groom stand out a little bit from the rest of the guys!

I hope this helps! Pinterest can get overwhelming sometimes, so from my wedding experiences this is what I can wholeheartedly suggest!