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Finally, to my wedding couples - weddings are SO much fun!! I love getting to know my couples between booking and wedding day. I strive to capture your genuine connection between each other and that can be really hard to do when you don't know me well and I don't know you well. By regularly conversing and developing a working relationship with you, by the time your wedding day is here it will be as if I am just another guest at your wedding rather than a stranger pointing a camera in your face. 

To my potential high school seniors... I have been in your shoes! I remember being 17 & 18 years old with my whole life ahead of me! You all make me feel young again!! I love making you feel important and heard as I work with you to plan and "design" your senior session to reflect who you are. Tell me about your school plans so I can get excited with you about your dreams. 

One of my FAVORITE things from my childhood was looking at old photo albums! My grandma stored albums in her basement from when my mom was a child and then later she had albums from when we were younger as well. Back in the day with film cameras that you had to send in to be developed!! Nowadays we have thousands of images on our cellphones that get lost, stored to the could and NEVER printed or looked at again!! We need to get family photos BACK IN PRINT!! 

This is my why behind what i do

Well hello there friend! Thanks for stopping by! I am genuinely excited for the potential to create lasting memories and treasured heirlooms for you and your family! I started my photography business on a whim in 2019 when my youngest turned one. I had purchased my first "fancy" camera and I had the perfect models to practice on! My skills developed and I soon began to LOVE the camera in my hands.

If I am not out photographing I am home with my 5 year old son Calvin, 4 year old daughter Autumn, and my husband Scott whom I have been married to for 7 years. I also have the joy of watching a couple extra kiddos in my home during the weekdays with my very small in home daycare. As a family we love to be outdoors camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, and hunting!

I love peanut butter and chocolate!! Reese's Fast Break candy bars are severely underrated in my opinion! I also live off coffee... I am not sure I have met many moms that don't to be honest! I also LOVE Jesus and I live every day of my life for him! In a world so broken Jesus gives me hope, he takes all my anxiety away and shows me he has my life in his hands. 

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